Refurbishment & Relocation Services

Refurbishment Services

Refurbishment services include a complete overhaul of your Autoclave including all new internals, exterior painting, upgraded vacuum and computer systems, floors, heating and cooling systems among other things. No refurbishment is too small or too big. It can be customized based on your requirements.

Refurbishment services also include increasing the length and temperature of your existing Autoclave system, thus extending its use for new products, which can be a cost effective way to utilize your existing system with your growing production needs. Refurbishment services can be completed at TEC’s factory or on site, depending on the size of the Autoclave system.


Relocation Services

TEC has supported many customers with relocating their existing Autoclave systems, no matter who the original manufacturer. TEC can help to ensure the Autoclave is properly disconnected and prepared for shipment and then reinstalled at the new location with ease. TEC can simply supervise the move itself or provide full turn-key services to include rigging and freight, as desired. It’s important to note that with proper upfront handling of the Autoclave, the reinstallation process is not only more efficient, but you save valuable components that could otherwise be damaged if not prepared for movement properly.

Relocation services include a Pre-move performance benchmark test. Prior to disconnection of any of the equipment or utilities, TEC will perform an evaluation and test on your Autoclave to be moved. This will provide a baseline of the current condition of the system. This information will be used during the re-commissioning portion of the project. The customer will be notified of any items that are found to need repair or replacement. In this way, you save time should an item require replacement.

Re-Installation services include reconnecting all utilities, electrical and controls with the exception of the main 480 VAC which should be performed by a licensed Electrician. Full testing and recertification of the Autoclave, including NIST calibration, if required can all be performed by an experienced TEC Technician.


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