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Mission Statement

Thermal Equipment Corporation (TEC) holds ourselves to a higher standard, both in the Autoclave products we deliver and in the way we conduct ourselves throughout the entire customer experience. Because, after all, we are in the business of securing a great deal more than just our place in the market. TEC desires to build a long-term relationship with you, the customer, and keep you forevermore. Our mission is to be at the forefront of quality Autoclaves, including technical and innovated advancements, while continuing to deliver superior capability in tandem with maximized cost efficiencies. Providing you with the best Autoclave and service money can buy is our highest priority. Keeping your production equipment in top condition is our primary objective. To that end, we know we will achieve unlimited success alongside our customers.

Custom Autoclave Systems

Off-The-Shelf Autoclave™ (OTS)

Autoclave Control Systems Upgrade

R1 and NDE Pressure Vessel Repairs

Autoclave Refurbishment & Relocation

Autoclave Replacement Parts