NIST Calibration Service

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends that this service be provided on any data recording component/device annually in order to optimize the accuracy of their results. NIST requires documentation of readings both before and after component(s) calibration. If the first set of readings is within the component manufacturer’s specification, no calibration adjustment is required.

If a component is out of the manufacturer’s specification, TEC will adjust per the manufacturer’s recommendation and set accordingly. Upon completion of the NIST Calibration service, calibrated components will be physically labeled by unit or serial number. This label shows that the component/device has been calibrated and is in compliance with the manufacturer’s specification.


TEC’s customer will be provided with written documentation, within seven (7) days of the service, to include the following:
  • TEC Calibration Certificate – includes the readings witnessed and/or any adjustments required to meet the component/device specification.
  • NIST Calibration Certificate – Third-party NIST certification maintained on the device(s) used to perform the calibration service by TEC.