Used Autoclaves

Autoclave Design Features:

  • Working Area: 13” x 13” sq. x 3’
  • Total weight of current machine: 2,500lbs
  • Pressure: 300 PSI
  • Temperature rating: 650°F
  • Electrically heated
  • Autoclave load rating: 150lbs
  • Controllable Header
  • (2) Vacuum supply ports
  • (2) Independent transducer ports
  • (4) Type “J” Thermocouples


Used Autoclaves are sold “as-is”, with the following upgrades:

  • New computer with ACCS, PLC and Touchscreen
  • NDE/Full PM
  • Paint
  • Fully tuned
  • All existing components serviced, tested and calibrated


About Thermal Equipment Co.

Over 55 Years of Autoclave Experience

TEC supplies any size aerospace quality Autoclave Systems - everything from a smaller lab-size system, to a 30 foot diameter system. No matter the size, each of our Autoclave systems goes through the same rigorous custom engineering process - resulting in a high-quality Autoclave that is built to your unique specifications.

ASME UL Certified