R1 & NDE Pressure Vessel Repairs

R1 Certification

As one of a select group of companies, TEC has met the strict requirements to become National Board certified for Autoclave repairs and/or perform alterations of pressure vessels. All Autoclave retrofit work is completed to the ASME code standards. Our experienced Autoclave service technicians are crucial in maintaining the performance, reliability and safety of your Autoclave. In addition, TEC can also provide all of your spare parts for your Autoclave systems, including custom made parts specific to your Autoclave unit.


Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) of Autoclave Door Closure

TEC recommends that the lugs of the Breech-Lock Door components (Locking Ring, Head Flange and Shell Flange) be examined at least every two to three years, depending on usage. Since the Lugs of these components experience the highest levels of stress during operation, it is important that they be examined for cracking. This testing can normally be accomplished in a single day.

The procedure consists of the removal of all paint, grease and foreign substances from the radius area of each of the Lugs and this area is then examined by a Certified Third Party Inspection agency qualified in Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic procedures. If cracks are detected, TEC will provide a quotation for additional repairs as needed.

R1 and NDE Pressure Vessel Repairs