Computer Control Systems Upgrade

At Thermal Equipment Corporation (TEC), we’re committed to helping our customers ensure that their autoclaves are fully functional and operating at peak performance. In addition to designing and manufacturing production quality autoclaves, we offer upgrading services for their computer control systems. Regardless of whether the customer has a single autoclave or multiple autoclaves in need of upgrading, our expert team has the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill the request.


Why Is Upgrading an Autoclave’s Computer Control System Important?

The computer control system acts as the “brain” of the autoclave. It allows operators to input the recipes so the system can function as intended. While control systems originally employed chart recording components that provided paper readouts of the results of the autoclave operation, newer systems offer more advanced and comprehensive data acquisition. These systems provide crucial feedback regarding the quality and criteria of the recipe in real-time, such as:

  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Potential structural integrity issues

This instant feedback allows operators to adjust the autoclave throughout a single operation and from one operation to the next.

An autoclave’s computer control system dictates how the device functions—as such, ensuring that it is regularly maintained and up-to-date is essential to achieving peak performance and efficiency.


ACCS™ — Autoclave Computer Control System

Our proprietary computer control system — known as Autoclave Computer Control System (ACCS™) — leverages the power and flexibility of a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Compared to other systems that rely on PCs, it offers several advantages. The software package allows customers to perform and monitor autoclave tasks without turning to a desktop computer. As it eliminates the need for a computer, it also serves as a more durable control option.

Additional features of ACCS include:

  • Control of external data acquisition
  • Automatic or manual control of motors, automated sources, and vessel temperature, pressure, and vacuum
  • Electrical feedback on motor operation


Who Should Invest in a Computer Control System Upgrade?

Computer hardware should be updated every seven to ten years to maximize functionality and avoid obsolescence. TEC experts recommend customers evaluate and begin budgeting for a computer control system upgrade as the ten-year mark approaches.

The extent of the upgrade varies based on the customer’s requirements. It can range from the addition of newer components—such as wiring—to an existing system to complete replacement.

Customers who work with low-tolerance and/or very high-quality deliverable requirements should provide ample attention to their computer control system’s efficacy. In particular, those who require quality assurance documentation should be prepared to upgrade as necessary.


Our Additional Services

In addition to our computer control system upgrading capabilities, we also offer:

  • Equipment evaluation. Before performing upgrades on any computer control system, our team conducts an extensive evaluation of the existing equipment to provide customers with recommendations on how to proceed. Customers who elect to move forward with an upgrade package from TEC receive credit back following evaluation.
  • Equipment maintenance. Our team provides thorough equipment maintenance services to ensure customer’s machines are clean, functional, and adhere to strict industry and quality standards.

To learn more about computer control system upgrading and other services, contact us today.