Replacement Parts

Replacement PartsBelow are commonly ordered replacement parts TEC offers. We recommend to customers to keep a minimal supply on hand in order to keep your Autoclaves running without unnecessary delays due to lead times. See below for typical lead-times of critical replacement parts.


Commonly Ordered Spare Parts

Seals and Coils Estimated Delivery Time
Door Seal, 60 Shore, Red Silicone 6 Weeks
Motor Housing O-Ring Seal, Silicone 2 Weeks
Heat Seal 2 Weeks
Motor Housing Cooling Coil 7 Weeks
Main Cooling Coil 8 to 10 Weeks
Heater Assembly/Heating Coil 7 to 10 Weeks
P&ID Spare Parts Estimated Delivery Time
Rupture Disc 4 Weeks
Relief Valve 2 Weeks
Thermocouple Jack Panel, Type J/G, High Temperature with Frames 2 Weeks
Thermocouple Pass-through Assembly, Type J, 2' IN x 2' OUT 4 Weeks
Flex Hoses Assembly with Flanges and Gaskets 7 Weeks
TEC 715-2000 Vacuum Valve Parts Estimated Delivery Time
T06715-2, Trap Can 3 Weeks
T06715-3, Air Cylinder 4 Weeks
T06715-4, Trap Can O-Ring (50 Pack) 1 Weeks
T06715-5, Filter Base - T06715-6, Filter Element 3 Weeks
T06715-10, Spacer Seal (8 Pack) 3 Weeks
T06715-11, Vacuum Solenoid Valve, 1/8” 4-Way with 120V coil) 9 Weeks
T06715-16, Valve Seat 3 Weeks
T06715-17, Valve Element 3 Weeks
T06715-18, O-Ring 7/8” ID x 3/32” Thick (100 Pack) 1 Weeks
T06715-19, Plug 1 Weeks
T06715-23, O-Ring 3/8” ID x 3/32” Thick (100 Pack) 1 Weeks
T06715-25, O-Ring 1-1/26” ID x 3/32” Thick (100 Pack) 1 Weeks
T06714-32, Striper 3 Weeks
T06715-33, Valve Seat Remove/Install Tool 3 Weeks
Combustion System Spare Parts Estimated Delivery Time
Self Checking Ultraviolet Flame Detector 7 Weeks
Pressure Switch 7 Weeks
Bracket and Linkage Assembly 7 Weeks
Control Motor 7 Weeks
Direct Drive Blower 7 Weeks
Controls Systems Spare Parts Estimated Delivery Time
New PC Computer Pre Loaded with TEC ACCS 3 Weeks
CompactLogix Power Supply 2 Weeks
Analog Input Card, 16 Channel 4-20MA 2 Weeks
Analog Output Card, 8 Channel 4-20MA 2 Weeks
Power Supply, 24VDC, 30W 2 Weeks

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