Autoclave Quote Request

The form provides many of the options which affect price and performance. If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please contact us at

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  • Dimensions and Capacity

  • Pressure System is by others - customer supplied or customer leased equipment is required.

  • Proper fan circulation is important to guaranteeing good temperature uniformity as well as improved part heat transfer.

  • Thermocouples

  • Part and Tool Load Selection

    To properly size the heater and cooling systems for the autoclave, we must know what your typical load would be.
    What is the part and tool load to be used for heating and cooling calculations:
  • Heating System

    The heating rate is the average air temperature rate from ambient to max. temperature, when the autoclave is loaded and at maximum working pressure..
  • Cooling System

  • The autoclave can include an independent cooling system or it can utilize your plant's existing water system either with or without a heat exchanger. Please select from the following options:
  • Vacuum System

    Please indicate below if you want TEC to quote a vacuum pump(s) for this autoclave:
  • Do you need vacuum header level control?
  • Oxygen Monitoring and Purge Systems

  • Installation, Startup and Training Options

    TEC can provide a turnkey autoclave, including installation, startup, and training. Customer will provide rigging and transportation from TEC to site.
    Please select from the following options:
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