Over 50 Years Experience

Autoclave Innovations for the Future

For over 50 years, Thermal Equipment Corporation (TEC) has specialized in the design and manufacture of production quality Autoclaves. As the world's leader in the supply of Aerospace Autoclaves, TEC has designed, constructed and installed more Aerospace Autoclave Systems  than any other manufacturer.

TEC will supply any size Aerospace quality Autoclave System, from your smaller lab size units all the way up to a unit that is 30 foot in diameter. No matter the size, each of these systems goes through the same rigorous custom engineering which focuses on the actual part cure specifications resulting in an Autoclave that is built and manufactured to each customer's unique specifications.

Given TEC's unparalleled experience in the Autoclave industry, Spirit AeroSystems was provided the first 30-foot working diameter Aerospace Autoclave System, under budget and on-time. TEC is also the largest supplier of composite Autoclave Systems for the world-wide Boeing 787 Dreamliner project, including the design and supervised construction of two heavy production Autoclaves in Japan for the 787 wing.

As the need for composite Autoclaves increases, so does the need for TEC's expertise in producing heavy production Autoclaves. As pioneers in the industry, TEC's published Autoclave Cure Systems in the ASM Engineering Handbook 20 years ago, most of which remains relevant to large autoclave systems today. With safety being a primary concern, TEC developed and patented an Autoclave lock ring un-surpassed by any other Autoclave manufacturer. Heavy production Autoclave innovations designed and developed by TEC continue to be copied by other manufacturers, but they just don’t compare with the original.

As the Autoclave industry grows and ages, so do industrial Autoclaves. TEC provides outstanding, state-of-the-art Autoclave repairs for all brands of manufactured industrial Autoclaves. As with all custom products, Autoclave parts are specialized and TEC is skilled in providing replacement Autoclave parts for any and all Autoclaves. Need basic or extensive Autoclave service, routine Autoclave maintenance, NIST service, NDE service or new/upgraded Autoclave computer controls? TEC has an experienced sales and support staff to handle any and all of your industrial Autoclave needs.

TEC Autoclaves are always imitated, but never duplicated! We know Autoclaves… "It’s What We Do", and we do it better than anyone else in our industry. Click here to request more information...

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