Who is TEC?
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Who is TEC?

For over 50 years, Thermal Equipment Corporation (TEC) continues to specialize in the design and manufacture of production quality Autoclaves. As the world's most experienced supplier of Aerospace Autoclaves, TEC has designed, constructed and installed more Aerospace Autoclave Systems* than any other manufacturer combined. TEC has many long-term, satisfied customers who only trust TEC to maintain and supply their important Autoclave equipment.

Who is TEC
  1. TEC is the worldwide leader who pioneered the modern Custom Engineered Aerospace Autoclave System
  2. Our competition may imitate, but cannot duplicate a TEC Autoclave which has proven success under heavy long-term use in production environments, with many systems in service over 25 years. No one else can say this
  3. Prompt customer support. We understand you need someone to rely on to keep your production Autoclave running
  4. All site-work supervised and/or performed directly by TEC personnel
  5. TEC prides itself for completing its Autoclave systems on budget, on schedule
  6. TEC offers you the best value at a competitive price giving you the most reliable, finest built equipment to save you money and headaches in the long run
  7. TEC now offers both custom Autoclaves as well as our new Off-The-Shelf Autoclave™ systems to meet everyone’s needs

TEC supplies any size Aerospace quality Autoclave System to customers of all types. From your smaller lab size system to your 30 foot diameter system. No matter the size, each of these Autoclave systems goes through the same rigorous custom engineering which focuses on the actual part cure specifications resulting in an Autoclave that is built and manufactured to each customer's unique specifications.

TEC Employees in front of Autoclave
We know Autoclaves… "It’s What We Do", and we do it better than anyone else in our industry.

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