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Replacement Parts Quote Request

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  Door Seal, 60 Shore, Red Silicone

  Motor Housing O-Ring Seal, Silicone

  Heat Seal

  Motor Housing Cooling Coil

 Main Cooling Coil

  Heater Assembly/Heating Coil

  Rupture Disc

  Relief Valve

  TC Jack Panel, Type J/G, High Temp w/Frames

  TC Pass-through Assy, Type J, 3' IN x 3' OUT

  Flex Hoses Assy w/Flanges and Gaskets

  T06715-2 Trap Can

  T06715-3 Air Cylinder

  T06715-4 Trap Can O-Ring (50pk)

  T06715-5A  Filter Base / T06715-6A Filter Element

  T06715-10 Spacer Seal (8pk)

  T06715-11 Vac SV 1/8" 4-way w/120V Coil


  T06715-16 Valve Seat

  T06715-17 Valve Element

  T06715-18 O-Ring 7/8" ID x 3/32" Thick (100pk)

  T06715-19 Plug

  T06715-23 O-Ring 3/8" ID x 3/32" Thick (100pk)

  T06715-25 O-Ring 1-1/26" ID x 3/32" Thick (100pk)

  T06714-32 Striper

  T06715-33 Valve Seat Remove/Install Tool

  Self-Checking Ultraviolet Flame Detector

  Pressure Switch

  Bracket and Linkage Assy

  Control Motor

  Direct Drive Blower

  New PC - loaded w/TEC ACCS

  CompactLogix Power Supply

  Analog Input Card 16 Channel 4-20MA

  Analog Output Card 8 Channel 4-20MA

  Power Supply 24VDC 30W

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