OTS Logo Features/Description OTS 4' x 8'
Interior Dimensions Effective Diameter (excluding floor) 48 inches
Effective Length 96 inches
Floor to Ceiling  44 inches
Ground to Autoclave floor 27 inches
Max Interior Loading 500 Pounds
Exterior Dimensions Overall Width 8 feet
Overall Length 16 feet, 7 inches
Overall Height 8 feet, 6 inches
Temperature Max Temperature 450 °F
Max Heating Rate 10 °F per minute
Max Cooling Rate 10 °F per minute
Temperature Uniformity (Steady state) ± 10°F
Max External Shell Temperature 140 °F
Pressure Max Working Pressure 150 PSI
Vessel Design Pressure 165 PSI
Max Pressurization Rate 10 PSI per minute
Max Depressurization Rate 10 PSI per minute
Pressure Deviation ± 1 PSI
Air Circulation Full Radial Air Annulus Superior airflow uniformity during the cure cycle and an increased interior working height of nearly 10% compared to systems without an air annulus
Water-cooled fan motor Enclosed housing with stainless steel cooling coil
Easy to remove motor housing Optional, priced separately upon request
Protection from overheating fan motor Equipped with thermocouple sensors
Heating System Heater Type Electric
SCR Heating Control  Optional SCR, priced separately upon request
Part Temperature T/C 6 Type J
Cooling System Cooling Coil   304 Stainless Steel
Cooling Coil Design Fan Motor and cooling coil full floating to allow for thermal expansion
Cooling system Trim cooling for precise control
Vacuum System Computer Controlled Vacuum Sources 4
Spare Ports for later use/upgrading Optional, priced separately upon request
Vacuum Source Size 1/2 inch NPT
Vacuum Pass-Throughs Removable for convenient maintenance
Resin Filters Included (Chilled Water Resin Filters optional)
Independent Monitoring Ports 4
Controls Primary Controller Allen Bradley
Control Software TEC ACCS
Main Interface via Touchscreen Allen Bradley 9" PanelView
PLC Control Hardware CompactLogix
Data Acquisition and Measurement System Via an Allen Bradley PLC
Full Data Backup Capability Via Touchscreen
Safeties and Interlocks control Reduced Risk Using the PLC - Not the Computer
Power Supply backup UPS Included
Report Printer Color
Control Panel UL Listed
Power System Primary power 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz.
Control power 120 VAC, 24 VDC, self contained
Note: Options are available for 240 VAC as well as international voltages including 50 Hz.
Delivery Information Size 8' x 8' 6" x 16' 7"
Weight 14,500 Pounds
Estimated Delivery Time 4 Weeks to 4 Months
Installation Options Option #1 Full Turn-Key installation is expected to take up to two (2) weeks and includes (1) week for Start-Up, Testing, Tuning and Training. Additional time is available per TEC’s Labor Rate Sheet.
Option #2 Supervision only includes one TEC Field Technician for one (1) week on site for Start-up, Tuning, Check-out and Training. It is assumed that the system is completely installed prior to TEC’s arrival. Additional time is available per TEC’s Labor Rate Sheet.