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Custom Autoclave Systems

Thermal Equipment Corporation (TEC) is the world's premier Autoclave System manufacturer. We have manufactured over 1,000 Autoclave Systems during our over 50 years in the business, and our innovations have literally defined today's modern Aerospace Autoclave Industry.
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Custom Built Autoclaves Manufactured by TEC Stats

  1. DOZENS of large diameter systems measuring greater than 15 feet in diameter have been designed and built by TEC and are still in production today
  2. Autoclaves built by TEC ranging in sizes from 16” in working diameter up to the world largest of 30 feet in diameter, all in any length you require
  3. TEC Autoclaves are used by Aerospace, Military, Building materials and Glass manufacturers among other industries
  4. TEC is the worldwide leader who pioneered the modern Custom Engineered Aerospace Autoclave System
  5. Our competition may imitate, but cannot duplicate a TEC Autoclave which has proven success under heavy long-term use in production environments, with most systems still in service. No one else can say this
  6. All site-work supervised and/or performed directly by TEC personnel
  7. TEC prides itself for completing its Autoclave systems on budget, on schedule
  8. TEC offers you the best value at a competitive price giving you the most reliable, finest built equipment to save you money and headaches in the long run

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Important Autoclave Differences



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Computer Control Touch screen

TEC is the only supplier who offers a PLC Touch Screen as part of all ACCS computer control upgrades and on all new Autoclave Systems.

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Dual Control to prevent part load loss

ACCS offers PC and PLC control of your Autoclave system. This process means that if the computer fails during your critical part run the Autoclave will continue to monitor and record all events in order to save your expensive load.

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Full radial annulus

TEC engineers design each and every fan motor around the part criteria to create a uniform internal airflow of approximately 200 feet per minute. The flow modeling performed by our engineering team has determined that a system with a full radial annulus is the only way to ensure that the system performs to the required specifications with room to spare. TEC has found this design provides superior airflow and the only proven method which achieves uniform temperatures throughout the Autoclave.

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Autoclave Doors that won't deform

All TEC Door Systems are designed to prevent deformation as opposed to other suppliers who simply design around the allowable stresses, thus reducing the effective useful life in a real time production application. TEC doors provide long term reliability and performance in a heavy production environment.

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Zero Maintenance Door Hinges

TEC's standard oversized hinge assemblies incorporate Oilite bushings for zero maintenance and exceptional performance for the life of the Autoclave.

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Improved Door Closure and Wedges

All TEC door closure and wedges are oversized to reduce stress levels and ensure long-life over many production cycles.

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Indirect Gas Fired Combustion Systems

Standard with all TEC gas Autoclaves. TEC uses only 321SS materials for our custom engineered heating coils which includes 20% excess capacity and are manufactured by TEC to last decades without the need of removing for servicing.

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Vacuum Pass-Throughs

Removable vacuum pass-throughs to allow for convenient, easy maintenance and repair of vacuum lines.

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Computer Control System

TEC's standard ACCS for our computer control systems utilizes Allen Bradley (AB) brand products. Not only are AB products superior in this application, spare parts are readily available all over the world.

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Interior anti-corrosion aluminized steel sheet metal

Sheet metal is installed with thermal expansion joints to allow material to expand and contract during heating and cooling. This prevents buckling and gaps in the internal vessel sheet metal walls.

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Rockwool and / or Kaowool insulation

This insulation will keep the shell temperature at an average of 140ºF or lower during normal operation.

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Several layers of safety into every door

TEC’s door and closure design exceed all ASME requirements for a comfortable margin of safety not found anywhere else.

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Several layers of safety into every bridge system

TEC’s bridge systems are designed to prevent over extension for maximum safety. TEC includes check valves to prevent draw bridge from falling in the event of a failure.

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Autoclave cooling coil and fan motor cooling coil are full floating designs

This design allows for thermal expansion. Cooling coil is made of carbon steel as the standard design which is the preferred material for this application that offers superior cooling properties as well as longer life with proper water treatment. Standard on all TEC Autoclaves are thermocouple sensors to prevent overheating and damage to the fan motor.

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Cooling valve system

TEC's standard cooling system includes a main cooling valve, trim cooling and coil drain valves. This multiple valve design provides optimum cooling performance and protect the system from unnecessary stress that can lead to premature failures.

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Independent over temperature protection system

All TEC Autoclave have an independent over temperature protection system. Type “J” thermocouples jacks are installed in the interior for part feedback.

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