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Off-The-Shelf Autoclave™


Competitively priced and quick delivery Autoclave system ready for installation in two popular sizes. Check out the video below which highlights all the standard features and capabilities of the Off-The-Shelf Autoclave™ product line.



Current OTS Autoclave™ Inventory

Size Current Stock Estimated Delivery
OTS 4x8 1 4 months
OTS 6x12 0 6 months

Key Features

  1. Skid-Mounted System
  2. Busch Vacuum pump
  3. No Pit Required
  4. 85db Silencer
  5. Safety Relief Valve
  6. Standard 215 PSI design, 200 PSI Operating Pressure
  7. Standard 500 Degrees operating temperature with Electric Heater
  8. Full Radial Annulus for Proper Airflow and optimum performance
  9. Maximized Usable Interior Space with up to 5,000 Pound Floor loading
  10. ACCS PLC with 9” Color Touchscreen (Computer, Monitor and printer included)
  11. Full One (1) Year Warranty
  12. Two (2) Installation Options
  13. Quick Delivery Schedule in as little as four (4) weeks

Touch Screen/ACCS™ Features

  1. Full control of all Autoclave sub-systems
  2. Alarm viewing and recording
  3. Monitor and control of Autoclave Temperature, Pressure and Vacuum providing full back up control of the Autoclave
  4. Virtual loop controllers include ramp control feature and manual percentage output control
  5. Automatic and manual control of all vacuum source lines
  6. Monitor of ALL part Thermocouples and Transducers. This feature allows the operator to load the Autoclave and verify all of the sensors from the touch-screen
  7. Backup data acquisition operational anytime Autoclave is in operation
  8. Monitor of system data, i.e., Fan temp, etc.
  9. Part Sensor Calibration
  10. Maintenance utilities including motor run times, system configuration, etc.
  11. Troubleshooting of subsystems including PLC I/O module status and failures as well as PLC rack communication status

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